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ArchieMD is a leading provider of visually-

based health science education

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Web-based EMS Training

Transforming EMS Education
Medrills 2.0 is a series of novel mobile and web applications that utilize 3D visualizations and interactive virtual medical simulation to meet the needs of the next generation of EMS providers.
​​​​ArchieMD's mission is driven by the fundamental concept that visualization creates a dynamic and often critical dimension to all forms of education and the interactivity is essential to engaging the learner.

By combining unparalleled scientific credibility with innovative technologies, our goal is to enlighten health consumers who want to make informed medical decisions, stimulate students to further explore the health sciences and improve the performance of healthcare professionals around the world.
December 2023 - Dr. Robert Levine Honored to Present at Medical IGNITE in Orlando: Latest Innovations in Medical Simulation Across Industry, Academia, and Government. 
September 2023 - ArchieMD Leads the Market Developing Low Cost Haptic Simulation Tools for a Variety of Procedures Including IV Placement, Needle Chest Decompression, Fasciotomy and More.
June 2023 - See You in Rhode Island for INACSL 2023! Visit Nurse-Skills Powered by ArchieMD, Booth #101
January 2023 - ArchieMD is Proud to Exhibit at IMSH in Orlando, Visit Us at Booth #120
December 2022 - ArchieMD's Mixed Reality is Game Changer for PIVC Placement as Researched by University of Michigan. 
BMC Medical Education "Mixed Reality Simulation For Peripheral Intravenous Catheter Placement Training" 
To Learn More:
October 2022 - Visit Us In Orlando, Fl at IMSH in January 2023, Booth#120
June 2022 - Visit New Nurse-Skills powered by ArchieMD,  at INACSL in Milwaukee, WI Booth #529
Nurse-Skills powered by ArchieMD, is a unique, visually robust nursing educational platform focusing on internal anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology offering over 50 hours of material.
May 2022 - ArchieMD is Excited to Introduce NURSE-SKILLS, a Web-based, Interactive Nursing Education Software. To Find Out How to Reach the Next Generation of Nursing Students and Trainees
Visit: www.Nurse-Skills.Net 
March 2022 - ArchieMD's Mixed Reality Simulation For Intravenous Catheter Placement Training Proven Effective Through Research with University of Michigan
"Results of the study showed that the use of a novel MR trainer for PIVC placement appears to provide an environment conducive to successful learning.  Immersive Mixed Reality tools appear to offer promise as a means to close the gap between classroom instruction and clinical experience." For more information, please contact
October 2021 - ArchieMD is Proud to Showcase MEDRILLS 2.0 at EMS World Expo in Atlanta, GA Booth #717
August 2021 - ArchieMD Introduces MEDRILLS 2.0 at NAEMSE Conference in Orlando, FL 
June 2021 - ArchieMD Launches MEDRILLS 2.0, a New EMS Web-based Platform For Training and Recertification. 
September 2020 - ArchieMD Selected By NASA to Develop Innovative Technology
ArchieMD is honored to be selected by NASA to develop an innovative Augmented Reality (AR)-based telemedicine platform that will support autonomous medical care for multi-year manned lunar and Mars operations.
March 2020 - ArchieMD Continues its Research Partnership with University of Michigan 
A VR Application Aimed to Train Providers to Recognize and Treat Various Causes of Upper Airway Obstruction in Children was Evaluated in a Recent Study at the University of Michigan Medical Center.
December 2019 - Come Visit ArchieMD at I/ITSEC, Booth #1272 in Orlando, FL
The Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference (I/ITSEC) is the world's largest modeling, simulation and training event.
November 2019 - ArchieMD Haptic Trainer was Recently Evaluated at the Gordon Center for Medical Education at the University of Miami and Shown to Be Highly Effective for Skills Training.
"Improvement in Procedural Skills and Self Confidence were Considerable and Statistically Significant." (contact us for report)
August 2019 - ArchieMD is Proud to Participate in the MHSRS Symposium August 19-21 in Orlando, FL
The MHSRS provides a collaborative setting for the exchange of information between military providers with deployment experience, research and academic scientists, international partners, and industry on research and related health care initiatives falling under the topic areas of Combat Casualty Care, Military Operational Medicine, Clinical and Rehabilitative Medicine, Medical Simulation and Information Sciences, Military Infectious Diseases, and the Radiation Health Effects. 
April 2019 - ArchieMD to be Published in Pain Management for Opioid Education

ArchieMD, together with research partner University of Michigan, are proud to announce the most recent manuscript accepted for publication in Pain Management entitled "An Interactive Web-Based Educational Program Improves Prescription Opioid Risk Knowledge and Perceptions Among Parents”.

JANUARY 2019 – ArchieMD Is Excited To Be Exhibiting at IMSH 2019 In San Antonio, TX

Come Visit Us at Booth #333

NOVEMBER 2018 - ArchieMD Has Been Contracted By the Department of Defense(DOD) To Build a Telemedicine Application for Soldiers Who Require Medical Guidance In Isolated Environments.

The application will incorporate ArchieMD’s proprietary AR technology.

June 2018- ArchieMD at Military Health System's Vendor Day

ArchieMD is honored to have been chosen to exhibit at the Military Health System’s Vendor Day, a cooperative venture by the Military Service Medical Logistics Agencies, located on Fort Detrick in Frederick, MD.

February 2018 - ArchieMD is Proud to Announce Its Most Recent Publication

ArchieMD's most recent publication involves authenticating cutting edge Augmented Reality technology for nursing education.  It is entitled: “Interactive Anatomy-Augmented Virtual Simulation Training.”  Click the following link to read more:

November 2017 - ArchieMD/Medrills Is Pleased To Announce That It Will Be Exhibiting At I/ITSEC 2017 In Orlando, FL


Come Visit Us At Booth #2571.


September 2017 - ArchieMD Becomes a Proud Sponsor of The Young Entrepreneurs Academy


The Young Entrepreneurs Academy, or YEA!, is a groundbreaking educational program that takes students in grades six through twelve through the process of starting and running real businesses over the course of a full academic year.


August 2017 - ArchieMD Performs Demonstration of Innovative Telemedicine Application at Fort Dix Military Base in Fort Dix, NJ


January 2017 - ArchieMD Opens Additional Office in the Heart of the Technology Hub of Atlanta, GA
April 2016 - ArchieMD Continues to Develop Augmented Reality Tools for Medical Training with University of Michigan

ArchieMD will continue its long established research collaboration with the University of Michigan in a new project involving Pediatric Airway Management.  The project is expected to span the over the next three years.

March 2015 - Study Demonstrates Patient Education Tool Helpful in Improving Parents' and Children's Undestanding of Clinical Trials

The study was published in a peer reviewed medical journal.  See the entire article for more information:  Tait AR, Voepol-Lewis T, Levine R; Using Digital Multimedia to Improve Parents' and Children's Understanding of Clinical Trials  Arch Dis Child March 31, 2015

May 2014 - Published Study of Patient Education Platform Helpful in Enhancing Understanding of Medical Procedures

The study was published in a peer reviewed medical journal.  See the entire article for more information:  AR Tait, T Voepel-Lewis, R Levine, et al.  Enhancing Patient Understanding of Medical Procedures: Evaluation of An Interactive Multimedia Program With In-Line Exercises.  Int. J. Inform. (2014)

September 2013 - ArchieMD 3D Health: Anatomy and Health Essentials for iOS review

"As a Paramedic, and someone who always loves learning new things, I truly love getting the chance to review great medical apps for the iOS. …what really makes this app shine is its Interactive 3D Body… with the ability to zoom in, and remove certain sections…This app is designed for EMT’s, Paramedics, Nurses, Physicians, Students, and even members of other fields like Physical Therapy… I am simply amazed…it is easy to use, very informative, and educational for the price..." Visit the ArchieMD news page for more information.


​​​​​March 2013 - reviewed Cardiac Catheterization  ArchieMD's first patient centered application reviewed  ArchieMD's first patient centered application, Cardiac Catheterization. The review complimented the app for its 3D graphics and accurate depiction of information, “I think this app does a phenomenal job of using a highly visual medium to teach patients about cardiovascular anatomy and about how a cardiac cath procedure is done.” ​Visit the ArchieMD news page for more information.


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