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​ArchieMD develops health science animations and applications for a wide range of audiences.

ArchieMD's Custom Services

We specialize in the development of custom 3D animations, web-based and mobile platform applications, and "serious game" virtual patient scenarios.  Please read the descriptions below and click on each for additional information.   
3D Animations


ArchieMD creates high-quality 3D health-related animations for a wide variety of clientele.  Our expertise lies in combining the features of advanced computer graphic software with expert instructional design to maximize educational impact.  Our animations have been used around the world to help simplify otherwise complex health science topics.  Our clients include: educational publishers, medical device manufacturers, and pharmaceutical companies. 

Mobile Applications

Our team at ArchieMD has created over 50 mobile applications to date for both Android and iOS platforms. Our apps are highly interactive as we program original features that capitalize on touchscreen technologies. We have developed apps for a wide variety of skills training as well as the application of medical devices. Our highly experienced team would welcome the opportunity to create customized applications to suit your needs.

Web-based Applications

ArchieMD has extensive experience with Flash development (AS3).  Our in-house team of programmers have numerous robust Flash-based educational modules that are compatible with standard LMS systems.  We would welcome the opportunity to discuss new projects/partnerships in this area of development.

Virtual Patient Scenarios


ArchieMD's Virtual Patient represents several years of research and development.  The platform is web-based, allowing for widespread access.  The scenarios run within a "game engine" so that the behavior of the patient can be programmed to react spontaneously to voice commands as well as multiple medical interventions.  Please contact us to discuss the creation of scenarios for your program.  


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