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ArchieMD partners with several of the nation's leading medical centers to help evaluate the educational impact of our products.  The results of some of these studies have been published in peer-reviewed medical journals and may be accessed below.  Current areas of research include:
   - Online EMS Education


   - Augmented Reality to Enhance Manikin Training


   - Patient Centered Informed Consent Applications

Research Studies and Articles

Study uses ArchieMD products to test the effectiveness of computer-generated graphics for providing medical information- "Using Animated Computer-generated Text and Graphics to Depict the Risks and Benefits of Medical Treatment"

Study validates ArchieMD's Augmented Reality program, which is currently being developed- "Usability and Efficacy of Augmented Reality for Paramedic Procedural Skills Education"

ArchieMD's abstract, presented at the prestigious Society for Maternal Fetal Medicine meeting- “The use of an interactive computer program to enhance patient understanding of genetic screening and diagnostic ​​​​​​concepts: A randomized trial” ​​​

​ArchieMD's interactive Trauma Series is supported by scientific study at the University of Miami- "Evaluating a Computer-Based Training System for Trauma Education"

​An article published in the prominent Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association supports ArchieMD's Interactive Program- "Evaluation of a Prototype Interactive Consent Program for Pediatric Clinical Trails: A Pilot Study"

​Scientific study validates ArchieMD's EMT interactive course supplement- ​"Knowledge Assessment and Usability Evaluation of a Virtual Emergency Medical Technician-Basic Training Program"

​ArchieMD's Informed Consent Application published in Internal Medicine- "Patient Comprehension of an Interactive, Computer-Based Information Program for Cardiac Catheterization"


University of Michigan Medical Center Study- "Patient Comprehension of an Interactive, Computer-Based Consent Program for Cardiac Catheterization: A Comparison with Standard Consent"

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