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We specialize in creating Health Science educational tools with exceptional graphics and medical accuracy.

Give us a try and we know you'll be pleased!

ArchieMD's Custom Services

ArchieMD develops educational animations and applications for a number of target audiences which includes students, health consumers and health professionals.

ArchieMD has a complete team of highly-trained and experienced designers, developers, programmers, 3D modeling artists, animators, and quality assurance examiners.  These professionals work together seamlessly to produce sophisticated products at the top of the industry.  The team is led by board-certified physician direction to ensure credibility and accuracy.

In order to create a top quality product customized for you, we employ nationally recognized education and subject matter experts. We also conduct extensive research in conjunction with schools and medical centers to ensure that our products are engaging, effective and well suited to the end user.

We specialize in the development of custom 3-D animations, applications, and virtual patient scenarios within the Health Science industry  Please read the descriptions below and click on each for additional information.  If you are interested in having us work on a personalized service, visit ou
r Contact page to call or send us a message.  

3D Animations


ArchieMD offers the service of creating custom health-related animations for a wide variety of clientele.  All animations will be made with medical accuracy.  ArchieMD has the capabilities to create a visually stimulating video in vivid detail that will engage the viewer.  These animations help to create an understanding of complex procedures, functions, and physiology that would otherwise be hard to portray.  With our medical expertise and top rated graphics, we guarantee to provide the highest quality solution to understanding and receiving your most complex demonstrations. 


Integration of applications has been an increasing need for many organizations.  They can be used for several reasons including to help increase brand recognition or awareness, to be informative, to be used as a training tool, or used to for patients and clients to increase the perceived value a company.  Our highly experienced technical team and physician direction makes ArchieMD the leading choice for creating health science applications.  

Virtual Patient Scenarios


ArchieMD's Virtual Patient is a new system that enables nursing, paramedic and medical students and physicians to simulate medical patient care from their computer.  It is a nationally recognized teaching model used by many of the most prestigious medical institutions to simplify complex medical conditions with 3D visual explanations.

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