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ArchieMD partners with several of the nations leading medical centers to help evaluate the educational impact of our products.  The results of some of these studies have been published in peer reviewed medical journals and may be accessed below.  Current areas of research include:

     - Online EMS Education

     - Augmented Reality to Enhance Manikin Training

     - Patient Centered Informed Consent Applications

The Physicians Involved 

ArchieMD is led by the physician direction of Dr. Robert Levine, a Board Certified Emergency Physician.   Physicians, Surgeons, Nurses, Paramedics, and other medical personnel work with us to help design, review, and test our products to ensure accuracy and effectiveness.  

CECBEMS accreditation of CEH for EMTs

ArchieMD is organizationally accredited through Continuing Education Coordinating Board for Emergency Medical Services (CECBEMS), the national accrediting body for EMS continuing education courses and course providers.   We now have the capabilities to create, review, and approve EMS related coursework from our internal team and our external EMS partners.  We are the pioneers/innovators of interactive digital training for EMS continuing education and we are the first company to offer CEH/CEU through applications on mobile devices (both Android and iOS).


Augmented Reality Study on Usability and Efficacy

ArchieMD Presentations

ArchieMD's Augmented Reality Trainer was used in a study to determine the efficacy of the Augmented Reality Trainer in promoting skills gain among paramedics.  The results of the study did show a statistically significant improvement in paramedic performance of the two procedures tested: surgical cricothyrotomy and needle thoracostomy.

The report created from the study also points out that "the benefits of clinical simulation are increasingly demonstrated, adding further validity to its use in healthcare education," and that there is a need for products which "focus on mastery of subjects and promotes higher levels of thinking."  

View the report form the study.

ArchieMD has been viewed as an expert in the field of health science education and been invited to present at several prestigious conferences, events, and meetings.  Some of these include the Gordon Research Conference in Waterville Valley, NH and the Annual Association of Surgical Education (ASE) Conference. 


Interactive Computer Program for Patient Knowledge- Study

Trauma Training - Study at the University of Miami

Our Trauma Training program was used in a study conducted by the University of Miami (UM), which reflected positive results.  These results are now being published by the American Journal of Surgery.

Excerpt from the results; "The usability survey results found that 93% would use these modules to supplement their trauma training, 100% were able to easily distinguish anatomy, and 93% agreed the video modules showed procedures clearly."

View the abstract from the study.

View a diagram that visualizes the results of the study. 

Involvement with the Military: DARPA

ArchieMD participated in a study to determine whether an interactive computer program could improve patient knowledge  specifically with regard to genetic screening and diagnostic concepts.  The abstract is titled, "The use of an interactive computer program to enhance patient understanding of genetic screening and diagnostic concepts: A randomized trial" was presented at the prestigious Society for Maternal Fetal Medicine meeting.

View the abstract from the study.


Interactive Consent Program- Study

An article supporting ArchieMD's Interactive Program was published in the prominent Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association

titled, "Evaluation of a Prototype Interactive Consent Program for Pediatric Clinical Trials:  A Pilot Study."

View the evaluation from the study.

ArchieMD has been contracted with DARPA, The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, to produce combat training applications for the military.  Since we are one of the bset companies to produce quality medical education, it was a clear choice to use ArchieMD to develop products needed by Combat Medics in the Military.

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