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About ArchieMD

Mission Statement

ArchieMD's Mission is driven by the fundamental concept that visualization creates a dynamic and often critical dimension to all forms of education and that interactivity is essential to engaging the learner.

By combining unparalleled scientific credibility with innovative educational technology, our goal is to stimulate young students to explore the human body, enlighten health consumers who want to make informed medical decisions, and improve the performance of health science students and professionals. 

ArchieMD Overview

ArchieMD is a physician led company that creates innovative health and science education products for a broad spectrum of students, consumers and professionals. By Integrating state-of-the-art computer graphics within interactive learning platforms, we simplify concepts with visual explanations and provide experiences. 

Our content includes an expansive body of work consisting of life sciences, human anatomy, physiology, and the onset, diagnosis, and treatment of most major medical conditions.

ArchieMD is currently developing cutting edge learning tools funded by multiple federal agencies including the National Institutes of Health, The National Science Foundation and the Department of Defense.  As such, many of our products undergoing development.

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Company Information

ArchieMD develops educational applications for a number of target audiences who includes students, health consumers and health professionals.In order to customize our products to these respective markets, we employ nationally recognized education and subject matter experts. We also conduct extensive research in conjunction with schools and medical centers to ensure that our products are engaging, effective and well suited to the end user.


Our growing technical team consists of many full-time specialists who work collaboratively in-house. Each holds a bachelors or masters level degree in their specialty. Their specialties include: 3D Modeling, Animating, Programming and Interactive Design.

Partners & Clients

ArchieMD is proud to have licensed its products to the following organizations. We have established and continue to seek partnerships for the ongoing development and distribution of our innovative educational applications.

ArchieMD is located in beautiful Boca Raton, Florida.

Boca Raton is an awesome place to live and work!

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