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About ArchieMD

Where health science education meets

cutting-edge technology 

ArchieMD is an example of one of the growing number of biotech and life science companies that have started up in South Florida.  Watch the local CBC News report aboave, or view the article here. 

ArchieMD Information

Company history

ArchieMD was first establised in 2002 and has since proved to have an important role in the growing health science education field.  

ArchieMD was created by Dr. Robert Levine, a board certified Emergency Physician.  He realized the importance of technology, animations, and interactive programs for improving the ability to quickly grasp difficult subject matter, specifically in learning medicine, biology, and other health science topics.  He knew these innovations would truly help medical professionals, students, and patients.  

Dr. Levine first hired a very small group of employees to help his vision come to life and has since grown the team to include over 20 members.  The talented and experienced team includes designers, programmers, developers, animators, and quality assurance who help create innovating biotech products for the ever evolving heath science industry.  

Today ArchieMD is using cutting edge technology to make groundbreaking advancements in health education.  One of the most ambitious and exciting projects currently in development is  Augmented Reality, which helps medical students experience the most realistic and informative demonstration of surgical procedures, such as a cricothyroidotomy, before having to do them in the operating room.


​Why we are the best

ArchieMD is the leader in health science education.  We outperform our competition because of the credibility our products have since they are created, reviewed, and studied by prominent certified physicians and medical professionals.  We make sure every component of our products are medically accurate and realistic.

The amount of detail, precision and customization we put into our work makes us outshine other medical education companies.  We know how to incorporate technology into training tools that really help people become engaged in the subject matter, learning more than with other techniques.  Visual demonstration and interactions are known to increase comprehension, and all of our products do just that.

Our Proven ​Success

ArchieMD has created several breakthrough products that are being used to improve learning processes within health science. Our partners and clients can attest to great quality of our products that help educate.

Some of our many accomplishments of success include: 

- Partnering with MCGraw Hill to produce medical animations for doctor and student learning tools

-  Contracted by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to produce medical combat training tools for the Military

-  Contracted by CCAT to produce training applications for paramedics and EMTs

-  Worked on training modules with the US Airforce, Army, and Department of Education

-  Created a Resident Trauma Training Module that is being used in hospitals and Residency Programs to teach surgical students how to properly perform trauma procedures

How we make a difference

ArchieMD is dedicated to creating technology products including animations and applications that will truly help make a difference in the health science industry.  Our purpose is to make learning easier and more comprehensive so doctors can continue to advance, medical students can develop a complete understanding of practices before having to perform them in real life situations, and patients will be better informed to put them at ease when having to go through medical procedures.   

Our products focused towards doctors and other medical professionals and students teach them how to perform techniques accurately to decrease the chances of complications or errors which could lead to detrimental circumstances.  Because our training methods help to decrease catastrophic mistakes, we are helping to save lives, which we feel is a very important role in society. 

The products aimed towards patients help to improve society as well because almost every person will go through or know someone who will go through a traumatic experience needing medical attention.  In situations like these, it is critical to put at ease but still be fully informed of what steps need to be taken, the risks and benefits, and the alternatives.  We inform patients with key information that not only helps them make the right choices, but can comfort their worries, which we feel are important measures to make a difference in the world. 

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