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The software is a comprehensive learning tool for Middle and High School Students studying human biology.  Students watch and interact which enhances their comprehension way beyond the textbook and classroom discussions.

Students will engage in core concepts about medically-accurate biology, anatomy and physiology.

Features include:

- Visually Rich Media

- Web Deliverable

- Alignment to State Standards

- Compatible with Standard LMS

Anatomy and Physiology Programs for K-12

Our immersive applications tap into the visual learning capacity of students, encourage scientific exploration, and align with required curriculum standards.  They were constructed to enhance student engagement, level of understanding and retention.  They also can be used in coincidence with textbook and traditional classroom learning and in substitution of animal dissection.

These supplements have been designed by high school teachers in conjunction with other education experts to enable students to explore these subjects in ways that make them fun and interesting, and generate an enthusiasm for science education.  The innovative, web-based educational tools increase students' comprehension way beyond what they would learn from textbooks, classroom discussions, labs, or videos.  

​The package of software includes 3 programs that can be used together or on their own:


Virtual Dissection 

ArchieMD’s 3D Virtual Dissection Application is one of the most robust human anatomy learning and teaching applications on the market. It includes male and female models, each with 1000’s of anatomical structures. All the structures in both models are rendered in true 3D. The user can view any combination of anatomy, rotate freely, and adjust the zoom area. Each structure includes definitions with detailed information about location, form, function and physiology. ArchieMD’s 3D Virtual Dissection Application provides a powerful visual reference tool for healthcare professionals and a lab-like study aide for students. 

Anatomy & Physiology

ArchieMD's Anatomy & Physiology program is an innovative, web-based, educational approach to learning anatomy and physiologic function with a computer generated human body that literally comes to life. Unique physiology simulations provide a first person perspective of the human body, visualizing internal processes. This engaging and interactive platform provides a means for young students to better understand the core concepts of medically-accurate anatomy and physiology.

The systems covered include circulatory, reproductive, nervous, endocrine, urinary, pulmonary, musculo-skeletal, and digestive.


Make your biology class a little more interesting as you bring key biology lessons to life through visual animations and interactive exercises to keep students enthralled in learning.  3D animations allow students to quickly grasp biological concepts. The rich interactive multimedia application is designed to supplement a Middle or High School Biology course.  

Topics include cells, genetics, protists & fungi, human biology, viruses & prokaryotes, and the chemistry of life. 

The learning objectives are introduced by an avatar advisor which facilitates the student through each lesson. The content is delivered through 3-D animations with voiced-over narratives. Interactive exercises reinforce the key concepts taught.

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