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ArchieMD has created the world's most comprehensive library of 3D animations related to patient education.

It is the only work of its kind that has been authored and personally crafted by BOARD CERTIFIED PHYSICIANS to ensure medical accuracy and credibility. 

Health Science Animation Library

ArchieMD is known for amazing graphics and stimulating animations, but what's most important about our animations is that they are authored by Board Certified Physicians who make sure every detail is accurate.  Our technical team of designers and animators also have experience in the health care field and know how to create realistic visuals.  With such a large library to choose from, these animations can be used in a variety of markets and for many purposes.  These web-viewable animations are ideally suited for web-portals, schools, medical organizations, medical practices, hospital patient education, presentations, and news media.  

The animations are available for licensing.  Please contact us for details.

See some of the categories we have available in our library.  If we don't have what you need, we can always create it specifically for you.  See our 3D Animation Services under the Custom  Services tab for more information about customization.

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