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What we are working on

We are currently in the development stage on a few exciting products.  They are being created to help improve the educational technology of the health science industry.  We want to help both health professionals and patients receive the most technologically advanced forms of training to increase their understanding of important concepts.  All our product under development are easy to use and very stimulating.  

Take a look at some of our products that are currently under development; we welcome inquiries from potential distribution partners and other interested parties.

Augmented Reality

The Augmented Reality system will integrate anatomically and physiologically accurate animated 3D medical visuals with patient simulators to provide an innovative and engaging approach to mannequin medical training.

Virtual Patient

ArchieMD is in active development of a Virtual Patient system that enables nursing, paramedic, medical students and physicians to simulate patient care from their computer. The system provides engaging simulations presented in a realistic clinical environment which can be used as a complement to current simulation training.

Informed Consent

​Archie MD's Informed Consent Application, called IC Health, is an interactive program created to inform patients of Cardiac Procedures so they understand what it is, why it is suggested to be done, and what the outcomes could be before agreeing to have the procedure done.  This allows the patient to make more informed decisions.  These applications benefit both medical institutions and their patients.

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