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IC Health is a mobile application created to help Cardiac patients understand what to expect before going into their procedure.  This patient education tool will help people make more informed decisions.   

Interactive Informed Consent Program for Cardiac Procedures

​Archie MD's Informed Consent Application, called IC Health, is an interactive program created to inform patients of Cardiac Procedures so they understand what it is, why it is suggested to be done, and what the outcomes could be before agreeing to have the procedure done.  This allows the patient to make more informed decisions.  These applications benefit both medical institutions and their patients.  

IC Health consists primarily of interactive videos and exercises that can be used on mobile devices.  The patient is walked through every step of the application, starting with the tutorial followed by some information the patient's heart condition, what to expect before, during and after the procedure, as well as the risks and benefits and alternatives to not having that procedure done. 

How it's being created

Using medical textbooks and professional resources, ArchieMD graphic artists create 3D computer models of the body's organs.  Each organ is built as a separate model, designed to mimic physiological activity, and then combined into a virtual patient. These visualizations are manipulated under the technical direction of medical experts to simulate dynamic organ function, (e.g. beating heart), to create a realistic visual representation of human physiology. The content and the visual models/simulations are then merged to form the modules that make up the informed consent program.  Each is an in-depth, interactive, visual module that integrates the most up to date information on various cardiac procedures and the risks and benefits of each with state of the art visual technology. Design of the modules is focused on long-term retention.  It is not enough to provide information to the patient; it is essential that the patient have rehearsal opportunities to build understanding and a more positive attitude.

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