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Developed in conjunction with prominent trauma surgeons from medical centers

Bridge the gap between textbook information and experience in simulation labs and operating rooms

Studies show significant increases in resident comprehension

22 high-quality 3-D animations

211 interactive exercises

Multimedia Trauma Training Program

Developed in conjunction with prominent trauma surgeons from leading medical centers, this innovative multimedia trauma trainer is designed to bridge the gap between textbook information and hands on experience in the operating room.   

3D animations bring techniques like the Kocher Maneuver to life and interactive exercises allow the trainee to select different types of incisions to open the chest such as the Trapdoor in a simulated environment prior to performing the procedure in real life.

The trainer covers the major injuries of the chest and abdomen and their management. A virtual instructor helps to reinforce key concepts and remediates incorrect choices. The course is web-based for easy access and performance is tracked, providing an assessment component for program directors and instructors.

An abstract of the evaluation of the product performed by the University of Miami Department of Surgery was presented at the 2012 annual meeting of The Association for Surgical Education.

Some of the comprehensive and interactive procedures that are included in the Trauma Training program include the following:

- Aortic Graft

- Chest Tube

- Cricothyroidotomy

- Diaphragm Procedures

- Pericardial Window

- Thoracotomy

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