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ArchieMD's Products

By combining unparalleled scientific credibility with innovative educational technology, our goal is to stimulate young students to explore the human body, enlighten health consumers who want to make informed medical decisions and improve the performance of health science students and professionals.  We strive to make that a reality through creating exceptional products.

ArchieMD has the largest body of health science 3D animations, innovative interactive applications, and 3D immersive simulation environments.  In order to customize our products to a wide range of health science markets, we employ nationally recognized education and subject matter experts. We also conduct extensive research in conjunction with schools and medical centers to ensure that our products are engaging, effective and well suited to the end user.

Click the  titles of each product to learn more about them or go directly to each site by clicking the button underneath each description.

Health Science Animations

​​ArchieMD has created the largest body of high-quality 3D animations related to health and disease in the world.  These medically related animations bring bodily movements, procedures, techniques, and maneuvers to life.  Every animation has scientific and medical credibility, being authored by Certified Board Physicians.  Each is created with exceptional graphics for a realistic look into Health Science.

These web-viewable animations are ideally suited for web-portals, schools, medical organizations, medical practices, hospital patient education, presentations, and news media.





Medrills is a new series of mobile based (iOS and Android) applications that utilize 3D visualizations and interactives to teach emergency medical concepts and skills. Currently, Medrills is focusing on providing the apps for EMTs/Paramedics and Military but will also include apps specifically for Nurses and Civilians in the near future.  These applications are approved for Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits or also known as Continuing Education Hours (CEH).  These interactive programs are easy to use and engaging, making them much more comprehensive, interactive,  and take less time than traditional classroom or web/video-based instruction that would otherwise be needed for CME/ CEH.

Multimedia Trauma Training


Developed in conjunction with prominent trauma surgeons from leading medical centers, this innovative multimedia trauma trainer is designed to bridge the gap between textbook information and hands on experience in simulation labs or operating rooms.

3-D animations bring techniques like the Kocher Maneuver or Cricothyroidotomy to life and interactive exercises allow the trainee to select different types of incisions to open the chest-like trapdoor in a simulated environment prior to performing the procedure in real life.  

The trainer covers the major injuries of the chest and abdomen and their management.  A virtual instructor helps to reinforce key concepts and re-mediates incorrect choices. 

K-12 Biology Suppliments


These animations and interactive tools give students an easy way to understand human biology.  These programs are integral additions to Middle and High School biology programs, where students can see visuals and interact with the anatomy and physiology of the body.

The package of software includes 3 programs that can be used together or on their own:

Virtual Dissection- See how the human body is comprised by clicking on each organ to see where it is located, how it works, and what it does

Anatomy and Physiology- Watch animated videos of how the human anatomy and physiology work, then follow interactive exercises to enhance learning and increase comprehension

Biology- Make your biology class a little more interesting as you bring key biology lessons to life through visual animations and interactive exercises to keep students enthralled in learning

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