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About ArchieMD

ArchieMD's Team





Robert Levine, M.D., President and Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Levine is responsible for the development of the ArchieMD product line. A passionate educator, he studied Biology, Chemistry and Physics as an undergraduate and then taught high schools science prior to attending the George Washington School of Medicine. Following graduation, he completed residency training in Emergency Medicine at the University of Arizona and continues to practice and teach medicine as a Board Certified emergency physician at the Jackson Memorial Hospital/University of Miami medical center.

Dr. Levine currently serves as the principal investigator for both National Institute of Health and National Science Foundation grants designed to create educational innovations and study their effectiveness. Dr. Levine's broad base of scientific knowledge and medical experience enable him to envision the wide spectrum of applications for the ArchieMD products.

Doug Levine, Chairman

Doug Levine is an accomplished entrepreneur who founded Crunch Fitness. His innovative marketing, transformed "Crunch" into a household brand. He sold the company in 2002 for $97 million. Doug serves as chairman of ArchieMD and is responsible for the strategic positioning and growth of the company.


Michele Wornow, Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Michele Wornow served as a Manager for Kellwood Company, a multi billion dollar manufacturer, and was instrumental in generating sales for a division that averaged $450 million annually. Since joining ArchieMD in 2003, Michele has played a key role in introducing the technology to a wide range of markets and has forged multiple partnerships with healthcare and science content publishers.



Technical Team

Our growing technical team consists of 10-20 full-time specialists who work collaboratively in-house. Each holds a bachelors or masters level degree in their specialty. Their expertise includes:

3D Development
The team creates interactive 3D simulation environments using state-of-the-art 3D game engines with innovative tracking systems and voice recognition.


Using state-of-the-art software, our accomplished animation team works from pre-visualization to 3D animation and digital compositing.

2D Development

The team implements intuitive and exciting user interfaces and programs interactive content in Flash and for Android and iOS mobile devices.


Interactive Design
Interactive designers focus on the challenging balancing act of producing engaging and educational content.


Quality Assurance

The QA team makes sure everything is running smoothly and up to standards to ensure our products are of exceptional quality.


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